Construction accidents can to lead to serious injury.  

Construction workers are exposed to dangerous conditions on a daily basis. Keeping safe requires the use of extreme caution, and when proper care is not observed, the results can be dire.  

Do You Have a Claim?

If you were seriously injured in a construction accident because of someone else's negligent behavior, you may be able to recover for your injuries. Dangerous conditions can be created by the negligent conduct of coworkers, property owners, construction companies, and even the manufacturers of the equipment and supplies you use at work. Our team of experienced attorneys can help you investigate the cause of your injuries and assist you in gathering witnesses.

Examples of Negligent Behavior on Construction Sites:

  • Failure to follow safety regulations;
  • Failure to provide adequate warnings of known hazards;
  • Improperly stored equipment or tools;
  • Malfunctioning equipment or tools;
  • Misuse of heavy equipment, such as bulldozers or loading trucks; and
  • Failure to provide proper supervision.

Has Your Employer Classified You as an Independent Contractor?
Many employers may try to dismiss a claim, alleging that the injured party was an independent contractor and not an employee. It is against the law for an employer to misclassify employees as independent contractors or pay employees off the books. By law, your employer cannot consider you to be an independent contractor unless all three of the following facts apply to your work:

  1. You are free from direction and control in performing your job, AND

  2. You perform work that is not part of the usual work done by the business that hired you, AND

  3. You have an independently established business

Receiving Compensation for Your Injuries.

Cases arising from construction site accidents typically involve many important factors, and often times expert witnesses are required as well as extensive discovery. Let our experienced team of dedicated attorneys fight for you so you can focus on recovering.

If you were injured in a construction accident, and it wasn't your fault, an experienced member of our staff will explain the options available to you and how we can help.

Let us go to bat for you! We will fight for to ensure that those responsible for your injuries are held accountable.

5 Things to Do in a Construction Accident

    5 THINGS TO DO in a construction accident

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     If You Are Injured in a Construction Accident:

    1. Report the incident to a supervisor or superior; 
    2. Get contact information from anyone who may have seen the incident;
    3. Seek immediate treatment for your injuries; 
    4. Attend all medical appointments and follow your doctor's instructions;
    5. Contact your attorneys and give them as many details as you can.

    We handle all types of construction accidents, including: 

    • ​Scaffolding Accidents
    • Ladder Accidents
    • Construction Site Falls
    • Run-Over by Operating Equipment
    • Electrical Accidents Trench
    • Collapses Fires and Explosions
    • Welding Accidents
    • Unsafe/ Dangerous Equipment Accidents
    • Logging Accidents
    • Brazing Accidents
    • Cutting Accidents
    • Elevator Accidents
    • Structure Failure
    • Building Collapse
    • Supervisor Negligence
    • Punch Press Malfunctions
    • Fork Lift Accidents
    • Dumpster Accidents
    • Nail gun Accidents
    • Compressor Accidents
    • Exploding Compressor
    • Gas Explosions
    • Crane Accidents

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    If you were injured in a construction accident because of someone else's negligence, one of our experienced staff members will explain the options available to you and how we can help. 

    Let Us Go To Bat For You! 

    We will fight to ensure that those responsible for your injuries are held accountable.